16 January, 2024



Sophisticated fabrics that combine fashion with function, creativity with discipline, to rethink underwear and beachwear with a more modern, exuberant and inclusive vision. And above all, with a distinct "green attitude."


In the Skin collection for summer 2025, the use of natural fibers such as cotton, silk, linen or Modal in blends or in purity grows vertically. Finenesses are taken to extremes for a feather-light hand. Interlock, pique, jacquard that combine a current content with a technological and tenacious heart to guarantee total comfort. The proposal comes to life both from the actualization of Maglificio Ripa’s great classics, such as light ribs and microjacquards or silky smooths, and from a stylistic avant-garde that is inspired by the great themes of summer 2025, distilling their essential features to make them into signature “talking fabrics.” The couleurs palette ranges from the brightest Barbie pink through saturated tones such as browns, earths, plum and burgundy to fresh and bold pastels and icicles. A daily underwear that rediscovers the most delicate sensuality and a skin-to-skin well-being. On the sporty side, the proposal becomes more technical while retaining a very high fashion content. Of note is the rediscovery of vintage shades that finally take space to fluo for a new and innovative spirit. A technical underwear that can also live “Out of the Box” in more original and current urban outfits.


The Splash 2025 collection, on the other hand, presents three major themes linked together by a luxurious, sophisticated and enveloping trait. A harmony of contrasts, lights and materials. The classics of Ripa’s tradition are updated with an exuberant but never shouted, bold and sublime style. The GLOSSY AFFAIR theme tells a thousand stories of lights, glows and reflections. Color assonances and contrasts are punctuated or flooded with lights that light up their surfaces. A ray of sunlight is enough to change its surfaces. Netting, jacquard, three-dimensional, shiny thread inserts open up to the light with a clever play of contrasts. With DIGITAL RETRO’, on the other hand, new, more intriguing languages are explored with shapes and textures revised with digitized colors. Sophisticated and never mundane prints, textured jacquards and wavy backgrounds reveal reworked digital pop languages in a modern key. A SORT OF RESORT is a mature and transversal theme. Here we find textiles, printed and jacquard, dressing an all-encompassing elegance, an extreme luxury made of signs and dreams. Elaborate prints and textured surfaces in reassuring colors combined with each other with a new and confidential spirit.

Every single fabric can be personalized and dedicated.