Maglificio Ripa has been one of the most qualified fabric producers on the international scene for over sixty years, collaborating with most major fashion houses and the best-known sports brands.

Continuous investment in technology, constant research, a marked tendency towards environmental sustainability, and an all-Italian production make this company a tried and true excellence in textiles and a reliable partner, representing an absolute point of reference.

Following the end of World War II, founder Luigi Ripa decided to open a business for the production of tailored knitwear. In 1952, ATIS was founded in Milan, a small industry for the production of ‘Simplex’ fabrics that operated until 1978, when it took the name Maglificio Ripa.

Thanks to the extraordinary skills of the founder, the company experienced rapid development and began to emerge as a reference point for an increasingly organized and mature industry. Technology, design, and continuous research together with the quality of human resources began to make a difference.

After years of experience alongside the founder, Luca Bianco today leads the knitwear factory with the support of a team of young and qualified personnel. Production is split into well-defined sectors: fabrics for swimwear, underwear, sportswear, and outerwear.

Thanks to their cutting-edge design department, Maglificio Ripa interprets macro trends and refines them into innovative offerings on fabrics with advanced technological qualities.

Who Luca Bianco is

Luca Bianco was born in Milan in April 1964. Pragmatism, creativity, and vision have always been his most outstanding qualities. After earning a degree in accounting, two Masters at Bocconi University, and having gleaned valuable experience in other sectors, he made his debut in the textile/clothing sector at the age of twenty-five at Maglificio Ripa as a technician.

His qualities and potential did not go unnoticed by Luigi Ripa, who saw in him a unique resource to the company. Luca Bianco’s technological experience lasted five years and was followed by a period in both the commercial and administrative departments which allowed him to gain a complete overview.

The company experienced vertical growth and in 1997 Luigi Ripa entrusted the command of the company to Luca Bianco who immediately put his experience and vision to good use by taking Maglificio Ripa along international avenues through the opening up of new channels of trade.