Dear collaborators

A sincere and heartfelt thank you!

Women and men who work at Maglificio Ripa in Spino d’Adda, I want to thank you in this way, also publicly, to reiterate my immense gratitude for what you have done in these hard months and in a territory so hard hit and afflicted by the pandemic.

We left behind a very difficult year that destroyed our daily lives and questioned all our certainties.

The year started well, but then everything changed. Our joint effort, fueled by an extraordinary passion and absolute dedication, has guaranteed the continuity of activities in our production site at every stage of the design and in the face of a demand that has never stopped.

Our fabrics, so appreciated all over the world, have continued to reach the most important international fashion houses.

We were able to react thanks to the strength and enthusiasm of all the collaborators who fought, conquered fears and who silently made enormous sacrifices. Today we can say that we have managed to get to the new year with more hope. That of having guaranteed continuity to a historic company founded in 1952 by my in-laws and which in this very year boasts of the entry of the third generation.

My wife Elena and I are fully convinced that we have a great team and we think that each of its members has the same importance for the success of the company and therefore its safeguard.