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The history

  • 1952

    The ATIS company is founded in Milan by Luigi Ripa

    A small 'Simplex' fabrication industry recognized and recognized for its vocation to innovation.

  • 1978

    Atis becomes Maglificio Ripa

    Thanks to the extraordinary capabilities of the founder, the company knows a very strong development and starts outlining itself as a benchmark for an increasingly prepared and mature market.

  • 1997

    Luigi Ripa put in charge of the company Luca Bianco

    From the outset, he has put to good use his experience and reigned his vision by bringing Maglificio Ripa to international routes with the opening of new commercial channels.

Made in Italy

For Maglificio Ripa “Made in Italy” is a serious statement. You don’t improvise or make it up on the spot. In a historic moment defined by the mass production and dumbing down of products in general, “Made in Italy” represents a definite and winning choice. Because the origin makes a difference. Because he who breathes beauty makes beauty. Quite often unfortunately, “Made in Italy” refers to a nice empty box which lacks in a real connotation and looks downgraded by unfair practices and misuses which have caused it to loose its meaning and its being “meaningful”. This is about the MAYBE IN ITALY. On the other hand, the “Made in Italy” purists are there, such as Maglificio Ripa, which have never modified their guidelines and practices as well as their profile so far. Transparency is part of the product and the service. There is no room today for improvisation and false representation: customers and consumers as well, have the right and the duty to understand.



Style Office

Creativity, stylistic innovation and the design of ever-changing fabrics have always been a vital goal. The research, the creative team's sensitivity and careful observation of global macro trends, give rise to the collections of Maglificio Ripa. The birth and development of a collection are the mature fruit of a thousand inspirations and intuitions. Traveling around the world, seeking stimuli in trendy places, physical and chemical tests on new products, creative and revolutionary combinations, redesigning tradition, in-depth chromatic and stylistic studies, and finding new finishes bring Maglificio Ripa to be often pursued and set up as the reference point of the sub-fund. Maglifyio Ripa is also particularly well-equipped for integrated relationships with its customers to design and design exclusive products, and thanks to an archive of the most organized and complete of Europe, it is able to draw from the past to redesign the future.

Il nostro team

Luca Bianco


Charles Terry

R&D Manager

Paolo Fila

Sales Manager

Andrea Visani

Sales Manager

Eric Buttini

Purchasing Office

Elisabetta Bianco

Print & Textile Designer

Rita Bertoli

Commercial Department

Elide Agosti

Administrative Officer