MAGLIFICIO RIPA, one among the first textile companies in entering the DETOX program by Greenpeace, is today a green hub in the fight against harmful chemicals. It is a virtuous path along which the weaving mill at Spino d’Adda has invested resources, passion and dedication with the purpose of best facing the challenge of the century: offering their customers a cutting-edge product with a green soul.



These are the reasons why Maglificio Ripa has been selected by the F-SUSY project (Fashion Sustainable System) as a benchmark company to report their experience within the framework of two important events held in Milan at the two most important universities. The former took place at Cattolica University under the title “Fashion and Blue Economy. Materials, Processes and Communication in the Digital Era”: explanation was given on how the sustainability values have forcefully penetrated the fashion industry and joined its strategies. We are facing a cultural change that is requesting the fashion industry business to speak a new language while using new communication channels where the product quality is capable of conveying the company commitment in favour of environmental and social quality. The F-Susy (Fashion Sustainable System) project has engaged the textile businesses along the path of sustainable innovation at various levels: getting rid of harmful chemicals, managing the information in production materials and processes, establishing the best ways of clearly and effectively disclosing aims and results. The meeting has encouraged and aroused interest and consideration on the language of sustainability in the textile industry by starting considering either the experience of companies and the opportunities offered by the digital revolution. The latter instead, took place less than one week away from the former in the prestigious venue of Bocconi University under the title “The Commitment towards Sustainable Fashion goes through Chemistry (too)”: monitoring, reducing, eliminating toxic chemicals used in the production processes and replacing them with safer substances means that green chemistry has been finally included in the debate on sustainable fashion.


However, in order to improve the environmental impact of processes and make products chemically safe, you need to invest on Research and Development, share technical languages and data as well as act in synergy with the different industry operators: a new approach that digital technology can only support and facilitate. This is the objective of the F-Susy project and of the self-diagnosis software aimed at the chemical safety of textile products and wastewater. The main character for Maglificio Ripa, Elisabetta Bianco, who represents the third generation of this textile scenario in Spino d’Adda, has given a strong contribution to the debate by explaining from inside the business what the “green motor” is and what it represents in a company that makes of sustainability a cornerstone of their business.


The DETOX commitment has been entered by the company with the support of Blumine srl during all the individual process stages.

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Maglificio Ripa, fondato nel 1952, è leader di mercato nella produzione di tessuti per diversi settori: mare, intimo, abbigliamento sportivo ed esterno. È considerato oggi uno dei più importanti produttori europei di tessuti a maglia e utilizza diverse composizioni di filato con pesi differenti. Da oltre 60 anni risponde alle richieste sempre più esigenti dei diversi settori del mondo fashion. Maglificio Ripa, certificato OEKO-TEX e ISO 9001, è ormai sempre più sinonimo di qualità, per il suo grande investimento nell’innovazione e nella ricerca grazie anche alla presenza di un ufficio stile interno che consente rapporti integrati con i clienti per realizzare prodotti esclusivi.

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