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RIPA SKIN - Intimates Collection SS 2019


The Ripa Intimates Collection follows the same logic of impeccable design and extraordinary quality as the Splash Swim Fabric Collection. Tradition goes hand in in hand with Innovation not only in Design and Color but even more importantly in the use of technologically innovative fibers, knitted on an impressive range of very fine-gauge machines for which Ripa is famous.


Our Deep Range features a selection of Classic knits in different weights created with a special ROICA™ Colour Perfect family of premium stretch yarn which lends an incredible depth of color to the finished fabric. The great difference between an item from our Deep Range and a similar item without the Deep stretch is undeniable. Deep also lends great comfort and fit to the finished garment thanks to the introduction of ROICA™ Eco-Smart family, a world-first GRS-certified premium stretch yarn that ensures the recycling of production residues up to 60%.

A well- articulated range of fabrics feature precious NanoFibers which lend incredible softness, comfort and an overall sense of wellbeing. The growing desire in the market for all things Green has encouraged Ripa to invest time, energy and financial resources in preparing a small range of Intimates fabrics wholly produced with the patented Evo yarn by Fulgar, a 100% Bio Nylon extracted from Castor Oil. A totally renewable resource that does not require high amounts of water nor subtracts arable land for food uses. Equally ecological is Ripa’s Qnova by Fulgar, an innovative range of quality fabrics made from recycled nylon yarn.

Physical Performance, intended as the capacity to improve circulation and boost energy whilst wearing garments made from our fabrics, also has a place in the Intimates Collection. Different weights are offered using the scientifically tested Sensil Innergy yarn by Nilit. Being a microfiber, Sensil Innergy has a soft feel and is easy care. It is perfect for creating shapers, hosiery and lingerie because of its cellulite appearance reduction properties and for use in any sports apparel as it relieves muscle fatigue during physical activities. It is also suitable for use in apparel applications where improved stimulation through heat would be beneficial to the wearer.


Although the most part of our collection is made from synthetic yarns, having intercepted a growing request for excellence and comfort, Ripa is paying more attention to precious noble yarns. Amazing hands have been perfected using fine Cottons, Viscose, Viscose-Silk and Viscose Linen blends; we are particularly proud of our Modal-elastane Blends with confer extraordinary softness and a sense of Luxury to the wearer.

A note on Color and Design. Colors are for the most part quite Feminine and Classic, with pleasant pastels and a few darker tones suitable for evening wear. Fancy knits are a mix of Modern and Classic, painstakingly developed to be discretely evident but not too heavy and harsh on the skin.


RIPA SPLASH - Swimwear Summer 2019


Everyone knows Ripa for its super-performing item Light 2.0 – the perfect swimwear fabric. The news about this item is that it is now available in the Deep version which uses a revolutionary 100% dyeable eleastane yarn which allows us to obtain an incredible depth of color, never before seen in swimwear. Another area of the Ripa Collection which cannot be overlooked is its wonderful 3D jacquards available in a variety of weights in matt-matt or matt-shiny effects in synthetic or natural yarn blends.


Our Eco family of fabrics is growing.

This season we are presenting two distinct ranges the first of which employs the Evo by Fulgar nylon yarn, a 100% organic nylon obtained from Castor oil plants grown on plantations in particularly arid climates where other crops fail to thrive. The second family of Eco fabrics, our Q-nova by Fulgar line, uses recycled nylon obtained from industrial waste.

These two different kinds of yarns are sometimes combined with ROICA™ Eco–Smart family that offers a yarn which is itself recycled, in our item Latino Americano for example, the world’s first 100% Eco sustainable circular knit fabric.


RIPA CRYSTAL (New project )

Maglificio Ripa is currently showing 5 items produced with the Sensil Diamond yarn by Nilit.


Two items, same weight of 115 g/mq and same composition of 90% Nylon 10% Ea, have been developed specifically for Intimates; Light 4.0, , which uses the transparent Diamond yarn to obtain a light, dazzling appearance and Light 4.1 where we used the Black Diamond version of the Sensil yarn to obtain richer, more sensual shades.


We have applied the same philosophy to two slightly heavier weights , 160g/mq in 76% Nylon and 24% ROICA™. These two very versatile items can be used for Intimates, Swim or Loungewear; Light 4.2 is the is the lighter dazzling version while Light 4.3 in the more sophisticated, sensual version.

The fifth item in this range is Light 4.4 ,160 g/mq - 80% Ny 20% ROICA™, where a cleaver mix of a semi-opaque nylon yarn together with the transparent Diamond yarn creates a ton-sur-ton stripe effect.

Apart from the shine, the wonderful thing about this novelty yarn is its smooth, soft hand. Combined with Ripa’s know-how in knitting extremely fine gage fabrics the resulting softness is unique.


MAGLIFICIO RIPA Eco Informations for ROICA

The Maglificio Ripa prototype exposed in the “Nature Moves Us” Forum


This prototype is made totally of ecofriendly yarns, featuring ROICA™ CF (Clean Fit) yarn and ROICA™ Eco-Smart family of stretch yarns mixed with a nylon with 100% bio-based origin.


ROICA™ CF (Clean Fit) yarn delivers an odor-neutralizing function that does not wash or wear out. Its active ingredient is locked in and only needs a modest % to work in any fabric matrix. Key partner, Maglificio Ripa, has excelled in creating a new range using it, in addition to the ROICA™ Eco-Smart family of yarns, that is a world first in stretch materials, designed to confer a more responsible high performance without compromise while appealing to the modern consumer‘s desire for better value and values.

ROICA™ Eco-Smart family is the only more sustainable range offering eco-stretch yarn that is GRS certified (Global Recycling Standard by Textile Exchange). Its production uses polymer science to repurpose up to at least 50% pre-consumer waste, adding an ethical value to a supply chain with shared environmental concerns.


Design informations

The Maglificio Ripa prototype exposed in the “Nature Moves Us” Forum in Paris, January 2018, has been designed to meet the current demand of an underwear that mixes comfort, glamour and ecological perfect fit.



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