Première Vision Paris, September 19-21, 2017


Maglificio Ripa, selected by Asahi Kasei as a key partner for ROICA™ Feel Good project aimed at presenting the ROICA ™ Clean Fit yarn, is going to exhibit at Première Vision in Paris and take the occasion to present those latest innovations, which successfully made their debut at Interfilière Paris in July.

“We recorded a very positive feedback from our customers at Interfilière – says Paolo Fila, sales manager at Maglificio Ripa – and now, for the very first view, we are exhibiting our exclusive items at Première Vision, a very important trade show for us. Clean Fit is going to be added to a range of ROICA ™ products such as ROICA™ Eco Smart family and ROICA ™ Colour Perfect family”.


ROICA™ with its ROICA™ Eco Smart family of yarns has been selected by Première Vision to be a Smart Ambassador within the project'Smart Creation’. Smart Creation identifies a way of assembling and relating all the initiatives and tools that are capable of supporting and developing sustainable design, innovation and production. The key development results of ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei partners will be exhibited at the Smart Library in Smart Square, Pavillion 3 at Prèmiere Vision; Maglifico Ripa , as a key partner of ROICA , will be part of it with its key article Latino Americano made of ROICA eco smart . Take a chance to touch and view the very sustainable innovation!

Along with ROICA™ Clean Fit and consistently with its innate “CLEAN oriented” spirit, Maglificio Ripa is going to present a range of recycled polyamide fabrics combined with the ROICA™ Eco-Smart stretch family for a fully “clean” product. On the high-resolution side, the already successful project Deep by Maglificio Ripa, along with the ROICA™ Colour Perfect family is still gaining position in favour of an elastomer which can be dyed and can also guarantee an excellent colour depth.

Still at Première Vision, Maglificio Ripa in collaboration with ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei, is going to present the ESSENZA book showing a collection of evergreen fabrics, a “must-have” over the next future five years, based on the collaboration with the Italian artist Paola Lenski.


For further info, please contact:

Maglificio Ripa

Umberto Amato

GB Network Marketing and Communication


Tel. +39 0276018402


Maglificio Ripa, established in 1952, is a leading fabric producer in several sectors: beachwear, underwear, sportswear and outwear. It is considered one of the most relevant knitwear producers capable of using several yarn compositions with different weights. For more than 60 years they have been meeting the most challenging requirements of the various fashion branches. Thanks to their big investments in innovation and research as well as their in-house design department which is able to interact with customers for accomplishing the most exclusive products, Maglificio Ripa is more and more becoming a synonym of quality while being OEKO-TEX and ISO 9001certified.

ROICA™ ‘Advanced Fit for Living’ is a premium stretch fibre based on a range of cutting-edge stretching functions which are able to comply with the most challenging demands of a Modern Wardrobe. ROICA™ shapes and combines comfort and quality, performance and fit, while adding value to the daily needs of sportswear, underwear, outwear and businesswear. ROICA™ is produced by Asahi Kasei which offers a range of really exclusive Cupro yarns, developed to provide unique and soft drapery featured by a gentle silky touch. ROICA™ is a registered trade mark by Asahi Kasei Corporation.

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